Do you feel like life could be offering you more?

Maybe you feel “stuck” 

Do you feel drained emotionally and physically?

Maybe a sense that you are “running on empty”

Do you use alcohol, food, sex or other substances to feel better, and on some level blame yourself for not being able to sort yourself out?

Are you in a job or relationship that doesn’t feel right, but you don’t really know how to get out of it? 

Do you tend to go along with things and feel that nobody is taking care of your needs?

Do you struggle to ask for what you want or even know what you want?

We all experience some form of trauma in our life. For many people the impact of trauma has long lasting effects and leads to post traumatic coping strategies which include:

  • Struggles with fragmented memory
  • Dismissal or minimisation of the trauma
  • Self-blame
  • A deep felt sense of uncertainty etc.

These negative themes resonate strongly into our expressions, feelings, thoughts, actions, responses and the decisions we make. Often we remain unaware of the root cause of our anguish, pain and bad decision making.

I help clients let go of emotional blockages and become their authentic selves. We all carry wounds and mask these wounds to protect ourselves. Letting go of the mask can be painful and it amazes me how resistant we are to letting go of pain.

I support clients in letting go in their own time. It's a jouney and important that we take the time we need. I am experiencing this process myself which is slowly helping me live a life of authenticity. 

These are some of the goals I can help with:

Finding your voice

How to care for yourself 

Being able to set healthy boundaries 

Ease or remedy low self esteem and timidity

Remove aches, pain and numbness and improve sensitivity and pleasure

Many stress related conditions such as depression, frustrations and insomnia

Body de-armouring in order to soften the hardened body tissues and promote relaxation, learn to let go

Sexual disfunction and enhance sexuality

Remove negative imprints, memories, emotions, blocks, conditioning and beliefs that have been held for many years

Deal with issues around sexuality and sexual identity

Improve relationships with others and help finding a soul mate

Be awakened and connected with your own divine self in a safe, caring, loving environment, within your own sacred space

Connecting with and awakening the feminine

Drugs, alcohol and other dependency issues.

Lisa Grezo