Lisa is a very beautiful person, inside and out,  who is blessed with some amazing gifts. 
She is kindhearted, super intuitive and can make you feel a million dollars by endowing her gifts on you.  Nothing seems to be scripted or planned, she allows you to set the pace but helps you by opening doors into your soul you did not know existed. Thank you and I highly recommend a session with her.



Wanted to thank you for today's session. It far exceeded my expectations and I shall remember it for a long time. You have left me with a feeling of total calm I have never felt before.



I really loved your presence and guidance... I value and honour your work and what you bring to the was a very special experience!!! ❤️ thank you!



“I originally met Lisa through chance. After two years of a downward spiral, I had hit rock bottom. It seemed like an endless chain of trauma and rejection. I felt completely lost. Numb in all senses of the word, completely disconnected from myself, my relationships and the universe around me. Truly at a loss for purpose and direction. I was so nervous initially, but I needn’t have been apprehensive. What I found in her was something I hadn’t been able to find in countless therapy sessions, medication and pretending to be something I wasn’t. She continues to be a safe space to be vulnerable. Non judgemental, unassuming. unconditional love I didn’t even realise I was craving and a true friendship I didn’t know I was looking for. She allowed me to realise I was allowed to ask for what I wanted, that my worth didn’t rely on what I did for others but what I allowed for myself. It seems odd that at 24 years old this would be foreign, but we are rarely taught its ok to serve yourself first. She has encouraged me to speak my truth and be the most genuine version of me. To do the things that make me happy and embrace what I feel. Everyone will always have work to do in their spiritual journey, but I am eternally grateful to her for allowing her to start mine and will forever appreciate her coming into my life.” 

Lots of love



After decades of strugling with fear of intimate touch I found Lisa and through her honest, gentle, non judgemental loving help I have progressed far further than the doctors, psychoanalysts and so called experts have been able to take me.

Although the intimacy issue was my only agenda, Lisa has taken my mind, body and soul to places that I did not know even exsisted, places that most people will never get to visit.

If you are lucky enought to meet Lisa then I am sure that you will benefit in so many ways as I have. Lisa you are one of life's few beautiful and true people and as one of your previous testimonials, I am sure that I will carry part of you with me forever.



Dearest Lisa

Where do i start?! I am so grateful for everything I have learnt from you. Starting with coming to your session, and then the continuing help you gave me in the workshops you made afterwards. You are a real example of how to heal and let go. You started me on a journey I never thought I would have the courage to face. You have changed my life and I will be forever indebted.

If anyone out there is unsure whether to meet with Lisa, I am the first person to give a call to. I am positive she will be able to help you.

Thanks for giving me back my life!



I've had some time to process our session and the experience I had with you, and while I search for answers in my head to make sense of things I felt with you and the connection we had together, I keep coming back around to the same conclusion and one word keeps surfacing... magical. The things I felt with you, the powerful energy flow, receiving your energy, your wonderful nurturing and arousing touch, your words, gentle, sensual  and reassuring, translating into beautiful songs resonating throughout my soul. Healing me.

I've never felt such peace and contentment and yet arousal when I looked into your eyes, it was like your sexual energy enveloped me completely and I surrendered to it, accepting it, feeling it flow through me through all parts of my body, while time seemed to stand still. 



Last night I was contemplating my journey since meeting you for the first time back in July. 

With your help I am now aware of many things. So I thought I would just say “thank you”, for  being authentic you, your honesty, support, knowledge and patience. 
You are special....... a modern day Angel, Goddess or maybe even a white witch. But please keep going as you are making a difference to people’s lives.

I know I’m only a client but I feel privileged to know you and have been touched by your presence.

I actually shed a tear while writing this, “of joy” and also  knowing what you go through trying to help people.



I have had an interest in Tantra for quite some time; however, I had yet to have an opportunity to experience this type of bodywork for myself. What was usually on offer didn't quite feel like what I was looking for, I felt I wanted connection, relaxation, healing and often it just looked like a service. I booked with Lisa and was pleasantly suprised when I received a personal discovery questionnaire (optional) as part of the preperation for coming to the session. This meant that even before arrival I had already spent some time looking into myself and seen some of the common patterns and beliefs that were presenting for me, it also confirmed my thoughts that Lisa is genuinely interested in the growth and well being of her clients and those she interacts with. 

On arrival we sat and talked about what to expect and I was encouraged to take an active role and ask honest questions to myself about my thoughts, beliefs, needs and boundaries. A dedicated professional Lisa really wanted to ensure that I received not just relaxation and pleasure but also some deeper meaning and understanding. 

Located in a clean and cosy wooden cottage, Lisa created a safe space to allow me to feel comfortable, drop my inhibitions, switch of the skeptic and relax into the treatment. My sense is that this is not a "one-size fits all" sort of therapy and it was evident that Lisa felt into the session and tailored it to my needs. 

I can truly say that I was able to totally let go and release some of the blocks that I've been carrying for many years. This was a very powerful and healing experience for me, I have never felt anything either physically or energetically like this before and I felt lighter, open and more positive about life as a result. I'm sure that there is much more work to do, however, I can't thank Lisa enough for holding the space and guiding me through this first step in the journey. 

I truly respect her bravery; passion and honesty in living her truth and showing people a way to living theirs.



I have never meet or spent time with an “angel” like you! With you “time stood still”, I felt no anxiety, stress or even come to mention it hunger! Thank you for helping me to understand myself and allowing me the opportunity to get to know you. You are a special “orchid” exotic, colourful, needs constant watering and forever in bloom!! :-)



The loving nurturing care that I received from Lisa during the session was in itself phenomenally healing. I felt that I was held in the safest of spaces and trusted Lisa implicitly. This allowed me to sink into a complete surrender state which I believe was a necessary prerequisite for my experience. I felt a ball of heat build in my pelvic area that moved distinctly up my body and exploded. My arms stretched up and out to allow the resulting energy (which had the force of a power jet) to shoot out of the ends of my fingers and out of the top of my head. I was drenched in sweat and sobbing throughout the experience which felt like it lasted for a few minutes but was actually about 20. It completely blew my mind. I had no previous conception that a human being could have such an experience. It felt as if I had tapped into the universal cosmic energy source. It was by far the most incredible experience of my life. The feeling of euphoria, balance and understanding that followed was exquisite. Thank you Lisa.



Lisa's expertise lies beyond her warm welcome and ability to make her clients feel safe and comfortable, spoken to in other testimonials. It also lies beyond her open heart, her integrity and her honesty about her own process. Lisa has that rare quality, even amoungst therapists, to honour your suffering, as she does mine, to be utterly present throughout the whole of the time you are under her care, as she is with me and, most wonderul of all, Lisa understands at a deep, non-verbal level what will serve your healing best, as she understands what serves mine. She is also perceptive of self delusion and self deception, without judgement or blame.

A remarkable woman.


Having had some prior experience of tantric healing, I wasn't completely unaware of what to 'anticipate' and so didn't feel I was particularly apprehensive. Even so, any apprehension was soon put at ease. I guess everyone is different but what I hadn't anticipated is the individuality that Lisa brings to the sessions. I find her a most personable woman and she has handled everything with compassion and aplomb. Rather than having a fixed routine, the sessions are negotiated in situ and she is extraordinarily giving of herself in attempt to accommodate me. These are very special, intensifying experiences for me and  I have no doubt she will continue to help me explore myself far beyond whatever I might have initially 'anticipated.' My only reservation in recommending her service is that it may leave her fewer slots available for me!



When I contacted Lisa I was a wee bit hesitant at first but soon realised that Lisa's sensitivity, wisdom, knowledge and humour allowed me to take the first steps of tantric healing and have never looked back. In her lovely wee cottage I felt totally safe in her space and trusted her with ease. When at your lowest Lisa will comfort you with unconditional love thus allowing you to grow and take in the healing process. Lisa is a true healer and shows this with her passion to give. My experience with Lisa is very memorable to me and never leave me and my journey wil be all for the better with Lisa by my side. I would recommend Lisa without hesitation for tantric healing treatment. Thank you Lisa.



Lisa has been a god send for me , though her unconditional love she has healed me in ways I could not have imagined. She is intuitive, deeply caring, light-hearted and she really knows what she is doing. Through her I have found tremendous courage, confidence and a real Zest for life. Thank you Lisa xx.

M Patel


Lisa was the most compassionate, loving, caring and understanding Healer one could ever wish for. During the two sessions that I’ve had with her, she opened her arms to me and hugged me into my traumas and my emotional blockages, helping me open, unlock and release them, setting me free... Lisa is a True Guardian Angel, a Light Worker, a Blessing. If you're lucky enough to have the Universe send her your way, be sure to open that door and enter into a new chapter of your life experience. Life will never be the same again, and I´m looking forward to our next session to continue in this magical healing process guided by lovely Lisa. Thank you so much, Lisa, there are not enough words to express my eternal, loving gratitude to your kind heart.



Lisa’s genuine compassion, friendliness and open hearted attitude put me at ease right from the beginning. I have my own issues of anxiety and personal blocks with intimacy that I felt able to safely explore with her. I felt truly cared for and I experienced a level of attention and empathy that benefited me to a deep level. I personally experienced a whole range of emotions that included laughter, vulnerability, heart connection and contemplative moments that I embraced and felt important to realise and experience. I also felt Lisa was extremely proficient with her bodywork technique and professional yet relaxed throughout. She encouraged me to give any feedback were necessary. She created a safe, comfortable environment and she continued to hold the space confidently throughout. On a personal level I found Lisa to be a focused, good humoured and an extremely caring and sensitive person with great strength of character and I felt very relaxed and inspired in her company. I could also clearly feel that she is dedicated to her work and has a personal commitment to helping others. Lisa offers a wonderful experience in healing and care that I can only highly recommend.

Rob T


I approached Lisa because I have known her for many years and was aware that she has trained in tantric healing. She is the most sincere, honest and genuine person I have ever met. She has been involved with alternative healing for the past 25 years. Lisa is friendly and trustworthy and I have total faith in her abilities as a healer. Lisa is confident and very professional. The treatment room is warm, relaxing and immaculately clean and newly decorated. All of the equipment is of a high professional standard. Lisa helped me with issues I have had probably all my life, with self-confidence and the inability to relax and share my deepest anxieties. My insecurity has led to frustration which manifested itself in aggressive verbal confrontations with family, friends and even total strangers. I had an inability to say “no”, which created an oppressive workload. The results of my treatment have been fantastic. I feel liberated and energised. My family and friends have commented on the fact that I have a sparkle in my eye once more and that to be honest I am no longer a Jeckle and Hyde character. I found the experience uplifting and left with a new outlook on life. I cannot recommend Lisa more highly, she has changed my life.



When I first met with Lisa, I did not know what to expect or if indeed this would be beneficial to me. How wrong I was. There were no expectations, no pressure, no right or wrong. Lisa totally put me at ease and worked with my needs. Lisa provided a warm, safe and a loving environment enabling me to relax, enjoy and grow. Through her love, patience and non judgement she has helped med to begin to become a better person for me and those around me.



I'm known by a few names the one I'm now known as is Akasha. I've had my own business and own practice in holistic human bodywork for over 40 years, which has taken me all over the world. I've trained and studied with some the very best in India, Japan, USA, all over Europe also the UK. Had my own students and ran workshops and organised festivals on the mind, body and spirit. It's been my life's work. So I feel I'm more than qualified to know when someone has not only a special way of communicating with touch but also being present for others. Lisa has that very rare quality. I was made to feel respected and I felt I was in the hands of a responsible person who knew what they where doing. I felt not only relaxed & comfortable, I also felt safe. She has a very beautiful way of letting you know that she is not only there for her but for you. These are important qualities that I feel are needed by anyone who wants to work in this area with others. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a treatment. For whatever reason. She has a great gift of healing others.


Lisa Grezo