Every session and client is different. We go on a journey together that helps you deepen your connection and understanding of yourself. I use different healing modalities and create a safe space for us to explore our authentic selves. 

We work with the mind, the physical, emotional and energetic body. We all have blockages and there are many different ways to release these. 

Unlike most therapists I share my past and experiences. I find that if I am authentic it encourages clients to be themselves with all the baggage that they carry. Together we can shine light on the baggage and help unpack. 

The most important thing to me is to create a SAFE space to explore. We all carry trauma and to go into this we need to feel safe and held. 

I work with all genders and sexualities. I also work with couples.

My charges are £75 per hour. Call me for a free half hour phone consultation to discuss how I can help you.


For more information about prostate health please visit www.prostateheal.com

If you are interested in sacred healing tools including yoni eggs and wands to heal yourself (the G Spot Wand works just as well for the prostate) please visit tantrictools.co.uk

To learn how to engage with your sensory inflow, feel more and make healthy choices go to somaticconsent.com



Lisa Grezo