My working practises are defined by you. I treat every client as an individual and will never adopt a ‘one size fits all philosophy’, we all have different needs and goals. It is your journey and you are in control. I will meet you where you and work with you to meet your expectations not mine.

I offer different sessions depending on what feels right for you. I can guide you by following my intuition during the session or I can empower you to guide me. We can also do both which i tend to do with most clients. The most important thing to me is to create a SAFE space to explore. We all carry trauma and to go into this we need to feel safe and held. 

We go on a journey together that helps you deepen your connection to yourself and others. I use different healing modalities and create a safe space for you to explore your authentic self. 

I work with all genders and sexualities. I also work with couples.

My charges are £100 per hour, £300 for a 4 hour session and £250 for a 3 hour session. Call me for a free half hour phone consultation to discuss how I can help you.

Lisa Grezo