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Instinct or Intuition?

I think it is fair to say that there is a lot moving at the moment and anything that isn’t in alignment with our truth is surfacing. This may show up physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and/or spiritually. What is moving through you right now and how is this an opportunity for you to be more the you that you came here to be?

I can’t even find a word to describe my week, it seems to be beyond them and I suppose it is. Between last Sunday and Monday evening I discovered that the man I had been in a relationship with for the last year had lied to me about everything. His business, his background, his family. He regularly beat up his wife 20 years ago and also his son when he tried to defend his mother. He had also beaten his mother regularly, father and both brothers in the past. All the business successes he shared with me were untrue and everything he told me he owned he didn’t. He told me he had a property company and was in the process of “helping” me do up a property that I recently bought. He told me that he would put it through his company and I could pay him directly. I did!! I have transferred thousands over the last few months. I do know that work has been done, but I am not sure how much he has pocketed. 

As you can image I was shell shocked. At first I didn’t know who to believe as the truth initially came from his son. He very cleverly manipulated me into believing his truth again, but after speaking to his daughter and brother it all became very clear to me. When I confronted him he admitted to it. He knew that the way into my heart was to admit defeat hoping that I would feel sorry for him. And I do, he has absolutely nothing but a trail of disaster behind him and no-one to support him. And I cannot be with anyone who treats me like that. I love myself much more than I love him.

I have felt such grief, I did love him, I still do. Confusion, I saw this loving, caring, thoughtful man, was this all an illusion? Rage, I wanted to tell the world what he was doing so that he can’t do it again. And truth – I didn’t trust my intuition.

Though our time together the two main wounds that had surfaced for me was overwhelm and I am not enough.

I felt overwhelmed by his illness, his dogs, his mess. I saw these as triggers that I needed to work through rather than a message that he was too overwhelming for me. 

The not enough wound came up in different ways and again I saw this as something to work through rather than an internalised version of him not being good enough for me.

Off course this is all mirroring something that is already inside me. The original wound of overwhelm that happened early on in my life made me feel like it was my fault so I made up the story that I wasn’t good enough. I also stopped trusting my intuition that created the blindspots for me to stay in this relationship. This was all happening in the unconscious and my wise body knew, I just didn’t trust her. Another beautiful lesson never to distrust myself.

The moment I meet him and looked into his eyes I knew he was a soul mate, but I had no idea what the lessons would be. They are revealing themselves and I am grateful. It was his birthday a few weeks ago and I gave him a card saying: You are the love of my life, with you what isn’t love surfaces and we navigate through it. It is absolutely true, this is a true love story, not the Disney love story, but an opportunity to transform all that isn’t true love.

My love for him is divine and I cannot be with someone who treats me like that. I want the money that is rightfully mine back and I am considering how to stop him doing this to others in the future (I am not the first as you can imagine). I will continue my own journey of deepening into my truth. This is my number one commitment which I never abandoned throughout this relationship (it accelerated actually, it needed to).Thank you for journeying with me 🙏