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New Moon Self Connection Ceremony October

I offer a New Moon Self Connection Ceremony every month at 7pm UK time. The energy of the moon really helps you receive which is the intent of this ceremony. For many of us self pleasure equals a certain way we touch ourselves, commonly with some sort of goal. You are not listening and connecting to what your body really needs moment to moment, and instead more focussed on what you think you should be doing or experiencing, and what you are conditioned to experience. If that for some reason doesn’t happen you may become frustrated or sad, thinking that there is something “wrong” with you. Reaching the goal can feel absolutely awesome, but like any drug you may experience a hangover effect afterwards that you are not even aware of. You miss out on a buffet of exquisite, expansive experiences available to you in every moment when you are stuck in this loop. Most of us have forgotten how to access these, but the good news is that your body is always waiting for you to listen, so you can reconnect to yourself in any moment.  This totally changes everything! During this ceremony I will support you in connecting to your sensory inflow and listening to exactly how your body wants to touch or be touched. This is a very different experience with the focus on movement to moment listening to your body and honouring what he/she needs. You slow down and take time to be in the moment receiving through your senses. Anything that arises is perfect and an opportunity to connect you to the pleasure that is your birthright. We meet on Zoom and for privacy and safety reasons cameras are off during the guided part of the ceremony. Participants who are not able to uphold this boundary will be removed. When we meet dressed you can have your camera on if that feels good for you, this is optional. At the end we will get a chance to connect again with cameras on if you want to participate, please be covered for this. Prepare for the ceremony by setting your intention and creating a space that is beautiful and comfortable for you. Bring your favourite oils. You may want to have fabrics, feathers and other items nearby as they can feel really nice moved over your skin. This event is for all genders. I look forward to supporting you ❤️🙏   Here is some of the messages I received after a previous ceremony:
  • I haven’t felt this connected to my body for a long time
  • It felt really nourishing
  • Fab, slept so well after it
  • That was truly special!
  • I rediscovered how I like to be touched
  • So much pleasure in my body I didn’t need to touch my genitals
  • Noticing areas of pleasure I was not aware of
  • A truly beautiful experience. Body, mind and spirit feel deeply blissed and blessed
  • What a magical time and so informative about how important connection to our body is

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