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The Art of Consent

This 7 week workshop will help you create safety in your nervous system so that you can become your true self and discover the beauty of you within. All of you is welcome. We start the process of undoing the conditioning that has brought you to who you are today. No matter what you have experienced you are not a bad person, we all develop unconscious survival strategies in order to feel accepted and have our needs met, e.g. lying, pleasing, over giving, going along, saying yes when you actually feel a no, enduring, etc. Our cultures don’t truly understand safety and don’t focus on it. Instead, they tend to focus on threats and danger. The absence of a threat isn’t the same experience as relaxing and thriving in safety. Our body need cues of safety. We need refuge, and our nervous systems are wired to get that need met through social engagement.  Our bodies are not machines that need to be fixed, they are feeling organisms that need to feel safe in order to heal themselves.  This workshop offers you ways to learn engagement and communication tools to start breaking old patterns, and learn how to respond to the world in authentic ways. It helps you to establish the organic balance between desire and boundaries. You learn how to ask for what you really want, and how to go into an authentic action for your own benefit while respecting the limits of others. The core embodiment of Consent is making empowered choices and communicating consent. These foundational teachings will guide you into the base of  Consent, where the main focus will be to activate the ability to feel yourself, improve the quality of your touch, explore consensual touch, and learn how to separate doing from giving and discover deeper layers of receiving. This workshop includes many interactive games and exercises offered to help you learn in an easy, playful, and conscious way. After the course you can take these into your personal or professional life. No prior experience is necessary for this workshop. Both beginners and professionals are welcome, as we can always find new levels of awareness. What you will learn The difference between giving and receiving, in relation to who is doing the action. How to activate your somatic inflow of pleasure and discover your basic needs. To gain access to and give permission for your own physical joy and pleasure, and learn the ability to take action towards the experience of these states. Radical self-ownership and self-responsibility. The structure of the Engagement System and how to use it in your daily life. How to enhance all relationships, stop bypassing yourself, and communicate with more awareness and personal responsibility. To be present with and communicate vulnerable feelings. Easy and effective ways to self-regulate, ask for what you want and be clear on intentions. A easy way to (re)connect to your partner and (re)kindled the flame of love and engagement. To stop relating in old survival strategies like manipulations and shadow games, and enhance your capacity for authentic connections with friends, partners, lovers, family and colleagues. Participating in this training is creating the foundational groundwork for an empowering journey into yourself and your personal integrity. It helps you to remember that your pleasure and your truth is your birthright.  This training invites a new paradigm in personal choice and ways of authentic relating that will keep deepening as you practice your embodiment of it. As we learn to take radical responsibility for ourselves and what we take action to create in our lives and our relationships, then we can also remember we can have choice in and impact in what we choose to participate in, what we choose to go along with, and what we choose to create in the world at large. I very much look forward to supporting you, it is a deep and fun process.  

In person workshop dates:

Tuesday the 31st of October & 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of November & 5th and 12th of December  10am-12.30pm. Price £250

NOTE: I have policy for not turning anyone away for financial reasons. Please contact me to discuss concessions/payment plans/flexible payment options and to book the event.


What some previous participants have to say after participating in this workshop: 

  Rebecca Hails: I wanted to say thank you to Lisa for the course The Art of Consent that I attended. She created a warm and welcoming space. I felt that the course content was delivered so gently, we hardly felt like we were learning at all. It felt more relaxing and sharing space together and yet we ended up in a very different place to where we started. Over the six weeks we learnt to connect to our hands, listen to ourselves, find our edges and boundaries. I feel that for the first time I was able to express my authentic yes and no. For that to be welcomed was very empowering. The process of learning to ask for my needs to be met I found challenging but in that safe space became the most life enhancing practice. Since the course ended, the work we did has had a profound effect on my life. I spend much more time feeling into what’s right for me rather than people pleasing and I’m starting to create stronger boundaries. My attitude towards past events has changed so that when I look back now, I have a much clearer sense of where myself and others haven’t honoured my embodied yes and no. This is helping me to practice giving myself the space and permission that what’s right for me is what I act upon. Thank you again Lisa. The six weeks was just the start but this course has already changed my life.   Susan Universe: Since starting my consent and touch healing journey with Lisa my life has changed so much – the new experiences I have been able to live and been able to have are a testament to this simple, solid and profound work. I continually see life and the world through new eyes and feel safer to be me. In honesty there has been a lot of dissolving as the new generates within my nervous system and it has been apparent in my new life which has been something beyond my wildest dreams. Such testament to this work I am so grateful to work with Lisa my teacher.   Lindsay: I have had the pleasure of doing this course twice with Lisa. She is such a beautiful space holder. The teachings from this course are so simple, but we forget as we grow up. We peel away parts of what no longer serve us, and start remembering our power of touch to calm the nervous system. It’s life changing. We learn to understand and nurture our own body and connect to our wants and needs. We gain further awareness of our responses to what is asked of us with a full yes or no. An understanding where needed to put in agreements and boundaries, and feel safe in doing so. Thank you Lisa for being you and bringing these teachings to us.   Tamsin Crimmens, Somatic Coach I loved practising consent with Lisa. Though it’s a vulnerable topic to explore, I felt at ease and like I had choice in every moment. My main take-aways were that when I slow down I can tap into what I really want, and that it’s safe for me to say yes, no or maybe. I feel a lot more empowered in all areas of life, and have overcome some residual people-pleasing patterns I held around feeling obligated to others. Knowing the answer to “who is this for?” has been really impactful in my romantic relationship and there’s so much more clarity around giving, taking and receiving. The pace of the teaching, plus repetition of the embodiment practices meant that the changes I’ve experienced have really stuck. I would recommend this work to anyone who wants to deepen their intimacy and pleasure with themselves, other people and all of life.   Amy Rose: I did the consent group programme with Lisa, I had heard good things about the course so was excited to get started. I was struggling financially at the time but this was not a barrier to receiving the support from Lisa which I was so grateful for and she was able to tailor a solution for me to allow me to access what I needed when I needed it. The course was everything I hoped it would be and more, the exercises are so simple yet so effective and extremely thought provoking. Learning to tune into your body’s responses and really feeling into whether you are living in alignment with what your body is communicating is life changing work. I not only learned that we can say yes when we really mean no but also that we can say no when we really mean yes and this was the biggest game changer for me, since this course Ive been saying yes to things I’d have usually run away from and it’s been life changing! I’ve definitely grown as a person since doing this course. These insights combined with Lisa’s welcoming energy and the beautiful environment she provides to hold the space in made the experience even more special. I’d recommend this course to anyone wanting to dig a little deeper into their psyches and do some real deep healing and introspective work. A game changer, thank you Lisa ❤️  


Lisa is a genuine and caring person which makes her an excellent teacher; always going above and beyond to help and to make sure people in her groups and workshops feel safe.  She is passionate and enthusiastic about this work. She always listens exactly to what the members need and is there to help first and foremost.

I have found working with Lisa invaluable.  It has helped me realise how hard I find it to say “no” and, furthermore, to even know what it is I want.  However, thanks to Lisa and her embodiment of the teachings of Somatic Consent, I have a new direction with which I can develop and lead a more satisfying and peaceful life.



After attending Lisa’s workshop I was very impressed with how she was able to guide us in a gentle and loving way to both understand and experience my deeper seated beliefs around connection with myself, others and the world I live in.

I felt engaged, inspired and expanded by the time we finished and can only say that if anyone were to have the chance to work with Lisa and experience her work, they’d be very fortunate.

Thank you for your work and total dedication of assisting people on this journey of self-discovery Lisa!


Other Events

The Art of Consent – Level 2

In this 6 week journey we dive deeper into the teachings and embodiment of Somatic Consent. The main focus will still be to activate the ability to feel yourself and stay in connection with yourself while interacting with others. You will continuously improve the quality of your touch, explore consensual touch, and continue the practise of separating doing from giving and discover deeper layers of receiving. This is an advanced workshop. To participate you have to have completed The Art of Touch and Choice either with me or a similar workshop with another facilitatior.  It is important that you already embody the work of Somatic Consent. Please reach out and have a chat with me if you are in doubt.

Self Connection and Pleasure Ceremony

For many of us self pleasure equals a certain way we touch ourselves, commonly with some sort of goal. You are not listening to what your body really wants moment to moment and more focussed on what you think you should be doing or experiencing. Being stuck in this loop you miss out on a buffet of exquisite experiences available to you in every moment. Most of us have forgot how to access these, but the good news is that your body remembers so you can reconnect. This really changes everything!  

Clarity Breathwork Ceremony

Clarity Breathwork is a gentle safe and profound tool for healing and transformation on all levels: ​Release stress, fatigue and emotional blocks Improve the clarity of your mind Increase the physical energy in your body Transform long held beliefs and patterns Remove physical blockages in the body I OFFER A MONTHLY CEREMONY – TIMES AND DATES VARY.