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Now I know this is a huge generalisation, and in honesty it is actually what I want. However I represent the feminine and  imagine many women deep down feel like this even if they might not even be aware of it (I wasn’t for most of my life). I also want you guys to know that I am not blaming you just trying to shed light on areas we can all work on to make us all happier and more connected. 

So let’s start with connection. Until I started exploring Tantra I didn’t have a clue what connection really meant. I was disconnected to myself and others. When we truly connect we let our guards down, we become vulnerable, we are seen for who we really are. Every part of us is allowed to be just as it is and we are accepted. We want to be able to connect with ourselves and we want to be able to connect with our partner. We want to be seen, heard and accepted and we want the same from you. We want to see every part of you the good, the bad and the ugly. We want you to be honest (that includes not withholding anything).  We don’t want you to pretend to be something you are not. We can’t really connect with you if you are hiding a part of yourself. We want to see you and we want to be seen.

We want to be heard. We want you to help us find our voice. Our real voice, not the voice we have ended up having due to conditioning and beliefs (even though we do appreciate if you listen to that too). Our bodies and particularly our yonis have shut down because we haven’t listened to them. After a while they give up. They become painful or numb and we are unable to experience pleasure. You can help us heal and awaken our yonis again, but you have to follow the voice of the yoni, not the voice in your head or your sexual energy. We know you have been taught to keep pushing and we have been taught to override our own needs. However that just shuts us down even more. An amazing lover can read his woman’s yoni better that she can herself. He can also control his sexual energy (which has other amazing benefits, read my blog about semen retention). You have the ability to heal and open us up, but you have to learn how to.

We want to feel safe to express ourselves. We need you to just be there while we let it out, we might even start an argument. Please don’t bite, just accept us in every moment. We will calm down, come back to you and love you even more. 

And probably the most important is trust, we need to be able to trust you. For thousands of years women have been abused, raped and controlled. Those fears are still deep inside us. Help us rebuild the trust between us that we once had. When you follow through on all your promises and commitments we feel we can trust you. We will open and surrender and give ourselves to you. If we fall we need to know that you will catch us. If we let our guards down we need to know you will hold the space. If you don’t follow through on your word we will gradually withdraw (even if its something small you promised like hoover the kitchen). No matter what you promise we need you to follow through. If you can’t keep your promise, tell us, re negotiate, communicate with us. Every single time you are honest about your intentions and you back it up with your actions you build another layer of trust. Our hearts and our yonis open another layer. By honouring your word you are honouring your woman. 

I can help you become that man, connect with your woman, bring a woman into your life and much more ❤️