One of the largest social problems we face today is that we are distancing ourselves from our authentic selves. As a result of trauma we are also distant from our own self due to disconnection and dissociation. As a society we are often termed “cash rich, time poor” and in many ways this analogy is correct.

In our modern environment we are forced to suppress our authentic selves in order to conform to political correctness, modern ideology as well as cultural, religious and legal protocols. This does not allow us to fully and freely process our emotions as and when they arise. Instead we suppress them and store them in every organ in our body to be dealt with at a late date.

Exactly when one becomes ill and the extent of damage, as a result of negative emotions, cannot be accurately predicted. It may take years to develop into a condition like cancer or may erupt immediately in panic attacks, accidents or in response to certain stimuli.

The modern culture of eating processed food and drink stores physical toxins into every organ in or body. It is a combination of physical and emotional toxins stored in every cell that makes our body acidic and is dangerous to our health. Most diseased states can’t exist when the body’s pH is alkaline.

Modern medicine, drugs, alcohol, sex, tobacco, gambling, unhealthy foods and drinks provide us with a way to comfort our pain by suppressing our toxins and numbing our body to sensor the pain and suffering. Our bodies will often develop a biochemical chain reaction, creating a cycle of addiction and craving. This can also lead to self abuse, abuse of others or being a silent virus in society.

The way we feel, think, act and achieve as an adult, is a by-product of our childhood trauma and a daily dosage of our emotional and physical toxins. For our bodies to function healthily and our life to be successful in terms of good health, wealth and happiness we need to store and circulate positive energies such as joy, happiness, pleasure, love and kindness.

Negative stagnant energies stored in our body (such as fear, shame, anger, sadness, grief, mistrust, greed, ego, rage, jealousy etc) are blocking this positive energy flow. These emotions have been stored there for a reason but we don’t have to hold on to and repress them any more, it is time to start giving them space, loving and accepting them as part of who we are, so they don’t have to live in the shadows any more.

We can’t force positive energies, these arise naturally when we can be open to experiencing whatever is there in the moment. Often we cling on to what we judge as good and resist what we judge to be bad. I find that when I can be with and express anything I judge as bad and often feel some shame around, that can release, and underneath is a feeling of joy and gratitude. I often tell my kids that life is not a dance on roses, there are continuous lessons to be learnt and those of us who are here now have a lot of shadow work to do.