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Connection to your truth Ceremony

Connecting to your truth through softness and vulnerability
In a world where power is seen in certainty, achieving, controlling, superiority, competing and doing – we invite you to meet yourself from a place of melting softness, deep vulnerability and gentle holding. To be present with all parts of yourself moment to moment and gently open up to the lifeforce that is always moving through you.
We are both Empowerment Practitioners with a deep desire to connect to our own truth and help others on their quest ❤️
During this ceremony we will support and guide you on a deep gentle journey within. Everything we offer is an invitation and you choose to participate in a way that feels good for you. There will be opportunities to share with other participants if you choose. We will guide you within to meet all the vulnerable parts of you who may have been hiding away and we will help you lovingly give these parts what they need for you to be the powerful being you came here to be. You will release old patterns that are no longer serving you and we will give you tools to integrate your experience into your life.
The ceremony will include breathwork and reiki to increase your experience. Comfort and warmth is very important so please bring whatever you need (yoga mat, blanket, cushions, eye mask, drinks etc) to create your cosy nest. Tea’s, water and snacks will be available. 
Leena and I are co-creating this beautiful ceremony. You can read more about her here
We offer a sliding scale of £25, £30 and £35 and are super excited to bring our magic together to share with you 😍

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