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I run a number of events throughout the year, some online, some in person, spanning a wide range of modes and practices. You can see my upcoming events below. If you’d like any further information about booking or the events please reach out and contact me here. Love Lisa ❤️

The Art of Consent – Level 2

In this 6 week journey we dive deeper into the teachings and embodiment of Somatic Consent. The main focus will still be to activate the ability to feel yourself and stay in connection with yourself while interacting with others. You will continuously improve the quality of your touch, explore consensual touch, and continue the practise of separating doing from giving and discover deeper layers of receiving. This is an advanced workshop. To participate you have to have completed The Art of Touch and Choice either with me or a similar workshop with another facilitatior.  It is important that you already embody the work of Somatic Consent. Please reach out and have a chat with me if you are in doubt.

Self Connection and Pleasure Ceremony

For many of us self pleasure equals a certain way we touch ourselves, commonly with some sort of goal. You are not listening to what your body really wants moment to moment and more focussed on what you think you should be doing or experiencing. Being stuck in this loop you miss out on a buffet of exquisite experiences available to you in every moment. Most of us have forgot how to access these, but the good news is that your body remembers so you can reconnect. This really changes everything!  

Clarity Breathwork Ceremony

Clarity Breathwork is a gentle safe and profound tool for healing and transformation on all levels: ​Release stress, fatigue and emotional blocks Improve the clarity of your mind Increase the physical energy in your body Transform long held beliefs and patterns Remove physical blockages in the body I OFFER A MONTHLY CEREMONY – TIMES AND DATES VARY.  

The Art of Consent

This 7 week workshop will help you create safety in your nervous system so that you can become your true self and discover the beauty of you within. All of you is welcome. We start the process of undoing the conditioning that has brought you to who you are today. No matter what you have experienced you are not a bad person, we all develop unconscious survival strategies in order to feel accepted and have our needs met, e.g. lying, pleasing, over giving, going along, saying yes when you actually feel a no, enduring, etc.
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