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Conscious Relating

Often when we connect with other people we try to show our best sides. We interact in a way that we believe the other person will like, rather than being true about how we feel and what we are experiencing. We are in reality abandoning ourselves to please and be liked by others. This happens unconsciously, we are not aware of it.
It has, in our past, not been safe to be all that we are and we have learnt to shut down parts of ourselves. Gabor Maté states that we have 2 basic needs – authenticity and connection – and we trade authenticity at an early age for connection with our caregivers. This then effects our relationships later on in life.
This event is a great opportunity to meet people in a more meaningful and authentic way. You may leave with a dates, you may meet new friends and in your core you will sense how it feels to be true to yourself.  A time to connect, play, heal, learn and grow together.
This 3 hour workshop will include a mixture of:
✨ Games and exercises to meet and greet each other in fun and meaningful ways
✨ Connection exercises with yourself and in pairs
✨ Breathwork
✨ Shamanic journeying
✨ Ways to embody consent and communication with each other
✨ Astrology to enhance your understanding of yourself and others in your life

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