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This is a fantasy shared by a friend and lover of mine. He shared that he previously thought fantasies were something he wanted to happen in reality and has realised that this was not the case, that fantasy can go beyond the need for reality. 

I notice with clients that sharing their fantasies can be extremely healing, that could mean  just expressing or talk about the posibility of acting it out. Please get in touch if you want to explore this. Enjoy reading this fantasy and notice what you notice about yourself.

The COVID ban is lifted and I am walking down a street in a new European city. The sun shines and I am thirsty, so I sit at a table in a café at the side of the road.

A waitress approached my table. She is brunette, elegantly dressed in her late 30s, full breasts, tight blouse and hips that move like a ship on the sea. She looks at me and instantly I know that there is a lot more to know about this woman. Her high heels click over to my table and she asks me what I want. She looks into my soul and I know that she is not asking me what I want to drink.  She holds my stare for too long.  I order a beer. When she returns I flirt a little and a look of decision crosses her face. She returns with another beer and I sit in the sun for another 30 minutes, drinking and watching the world go by

I notice that she has put the Closed sign on the door. I feel a little faint, so I jump up and ask if I can use the bathroom.  I feel light-headed as I walk across the empty room to the back of the bar. I think I hear the front door locking behind me, but I feel very distant.  I enter the bathroom and as I am stood at the toilet taking a pee, I hear the door open behind me and then I black out.

I do not know how much later it is, but I think it must be night as I cannot see anything at first.  I then realise that I am blindfolded.  Confused, I try to raise my hands to remove it, but my hands are held out and above my head, tied at the wrists with what feels like a thick rope. I cannot move.  I realise my feet are tied as well and that I must resemble a large X.  Suddenly I realise that I feel cold metal against my back and buttocks – I am naked.  I strain my hearing to see if I can hear anything, but I hear nothing at all. Strangely, I know that I am not in physical danger, but a shiver of fear mixed with excitement shakes through my body. I sense there is no point in shouting out, there is no one to help me.

After a few minutes, I hear a door open, and I hear high heels on a hard wooden floor, walking very slowly and deliberately across the room. I can hear the swish of nylon legs cross over each other as someone walks deliberately towards me. I shiver as the steps get nearer and nearer and they stop right next to me.  I smell a thick strong perfume, feel hair brush my shoulder and then I hear a soft, but firm voice in my ear whisper “You are safe…… but you are OURS”, the words dripping with sensuality and determination. I cannot speak in response, but a little bit of my head wonders why she said ‘ours’ and not ‘mine’….

I sense and smell the room, it seems large and I can smell warm wood like a loft or attic on a warm day, but I can see no light.  Then from somewhere else in the room I hear one word from a different female voice… “ours”.  I turn towards the sound and listen hard.  Then a few seconds later, I hear a third female voice from another part of the room … “ours”…. Then a fourth… ‘ours’…..

These voices must have been sat around the room as I hear three people stand and walk towards me, high heels clicking slowly across the room until I feel all four of them very close. Then suddenly I feel eight hands on my body, like  electric shocks, I cry out at the simplest of touch, fear, excitement, stimulated instantly, and despite the situation I am amazed to feel the blood go to my cock and balls.

As my cock starts to swell I feel a pair of hands grab my balls and squeeze, firmly.  I feel a thin cord like a bootlace against my skin briefly and then I feel the cord wrap