One of the quick options relied upon in the West is prescription of drugs to suppress the emotions or numb the pain. This does provide temporary comfort, but not get rid of the emotion that is causing the symptoms.

Another option is to remove the symptom by surgery. Again the core emotion is not removed, but does buy the patient some time to do something about the root of the problem.

The most popular form of treatment in Western culture is to receive talking therapies, which may help to a certain degree as the mind communicates to fix the body. However clients that are subjected to trauma normally disassociate themselves from the body by disconnecting between the mind and body. Therefore communication from the mind cannot reach the body.

The bodywork I offer directly contacts the deeply rooted emotions in the body’s cellular memory and helps remove them. It is a revolutionary healing technique that has been developed over an number of years combining Eastern and Western knowledge, blended with ancient and modern wisdom, creating a transformative healing technique that facilitates emotional, physical and spiritual restoration. This process is a catalyst for:

  • Releasing both emotional and physical toxins from the body
  • Enhancing love, intimacy and sexuality
  • Improving relationships
  • Healing the body, mind and spirit

We go on a journey with one another and it can be as deep as you are willing to go into yourself. I combine the bodywork with other coaching modalities and offer a safe space for you to explore yourself. We slow down and spend consious time together. 

Lisa Grezo