Nothing is more important than being in alignment with our own unique authenticity. Every person is a unique expression and awakening is no different than stepping into our own authenticity.

To be authentic we have to know all of who we are, which includes a great deal more than just the physical self we are on this earth. We can only be authentic to the degree that we currently know ourselves, which means we can only be authnentic to the degree that we are aware of ourselves. So much of us is suppressed, denied, rejected and disowned. Most of us have no idea who we really are, we are not aware of ourselves. What we are keeps us safe in our world within the social groups we have formed. As a result we become copies of other people, we become strategies.

In this we are resisting our own life. When we are denying our own selves including our physicality, our spirtuallity, our reason for being, our needs, our insticts and our desires we are resisting our life. 

I create a safe space and use different healing modalities for you to explore the parts of you that you are not aware of and help you step into your own unique power. This process helps:

  • Release both emotional and physical toxins 
  • Enhancing love, intimacy and sexuality
  • Improving relationships
  • Healing the body, mind and spirit

The bodywork and breathwork I offer directly contacts the deeply rooted emotions in the body’s cellular memory, helps remove them and facilitates emotional, physical and spiritual restoration.

We slow down and spend consious time together. 

Lisa Grezo