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In these disconnected times it is so easy to keep looking outside ourselves for connection and continue to believe that there is something wrong with us that needs fixing. I am here to tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, you are exactly who and where you need to be.  On a soul level you chose this life, this journey and all the lessons that took you to being here in this moment reading these words. Some of the ways I can help are:




Take an hour to connect with the pleasure within you. Listen to what your body really wants rather than what you think or what you are conditioned to do. Be present and loving with anything that may arise, “good” or “bad” as we all have blockages to the pleasure that is our birthright.

Preparing for the Session

Come with a clear intention to help direct the session.
Create a comfy and sacred space — you will need a comfortable place to lie. I recommend creating a space where you are not sitting up straight but leaning into your nest, this position gives you access to your body in a more relaxed way. When you are lying down flat it is more difficult to reach certain areas of the body.

I invite you to make the space beautiful and sacred in a way that feels good for you. Use your imagination to find items that may feel good against your skin. I love feathers and scarves moved slowly over my body, you may like something cold, warm, spiked, hard or soft, there are not rules. I am playing with the computer cable in this moment which feels super yummy between my fingers!

Eliminate opportunities for disruption — turn off or mute your phone and make sure you are in a private space.

Have a pencil, paper and/or journal handy if you like to journal.

Make sure your computer or tablet is plugged in or fully charged.

If it feels right set up an altar with a candle, your favourite crystals, your intention, earth elements and sacred objects. And you may want to just light a candle and voice your intention for the session.

Have a drink or anything else you feel you may need close by.

Enjoy ❤️️️️️️


Breathwork is a gentle healing modality that allows for insights, clarity, guidance, and subconscious beliefs to arise that are not usually accessible.

It opens the energy channels and allows for a release of stagnant energy, repressed emotions, and trauma. It allows us to connect to our life force energy and feel our connection to all things.

It also allows us to connect to our true selves, our divine essence, and the purity of our being.

Breathwork helps to reset the nervous system and decrease anxiety and depression, while opening us to bliss, love, and joy — the true nature of our being!

This specific practise gently guides you through your chakras and can be used again and again to go deeper within yourself.

Preparing for the Session

Come with a clear intention – intentions help direct the healing by informing the Universe in which direction we desire to go towards.

Create a comfy and sacred space — you will need a comfortable place to lie, no pillow or a small one and blanket as your body temperature may change.

Eliminate opportunities for disruption and have a pen, paper and/or journal handy if that supports you.

Make sure your computer or tablet is plugged in or fully charged.

Find a way that feels true for you to set your intention, maybe lighting a candle and voicing your intention for the session.

It may be a good idea to have tissues and a glass of water nearby.

During the Session

Lie comfortably on your back with your arms and legs uncrossed and open at your sides.

I suggest not having a pillow underneath your head because this blocks the flow of the breath and energy.

Having your eyes closed allows you to journey deep within more easily.

The breath is an open mouthed, conscious, connected, circular breath, meaning there is no pause between the inhale and exhale.

You will want to have an open mouth with a relaxed jaw.

On the inhale you will breathe fully into the chest, and on the exhale, you will simply relax and release the breath.

It is a silent AH (inhale) HA (exhale) breath.

You may experience tingling or other bodily sensations during the breathwork. This is just a cellular release occurring. A beautiful clearing & healing!

If emotions come up, welcome them in. Continue to breathe and allow yourself to fully feel whatever is arising. Have faith and remember that whatever is coming up, is coming out! This is how healing happens.

The more deeply and quickly you breathe, the deeper you will go. If at any time you feel overwhelmed, slow down the breath. You can always open your eyes, familiarise yourself with your surroundings, and continue at your own pace. If you want to go deeper, expand the breath and pick up the pace.

Enjoy ❤️

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All my offerings are about creating a safe environment so that the body can return back to a natural state of balance. We work with the mind and stories there, but more importantly, I help you connect to your body through the parasympathetic nervous system.

It is only when you are here that you can feel what is happening inside your body. When you can feel and notice you can start choosing. With choice comes empowerment and also self responsibility.

I show you how to connect to the sensory inflow through your skin that connects to the pleasure centre, this helps you feel yourself and fill your own cup. This action wakes up a chain of events that help you nourish self awareness, self care and self love. From this place you connect with others in a different way.

I offer Clarity Breathwork to help you connect to your unconscious, clear what is no longer serving you and give you more clarity in your life. I offer TRE which is a series of exercises that safely assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. And for women I offer Holistic Pelvic Care, a gentle intervaginal massage technique that helps the pelvis realign physically and energetically. 

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