Last week I had my first session with Lisa. Lisa offered an intuitive combination of conscious consent  and breathwork. It turned out to be exactly what I needed at that moment. Somehow I went into a very deep place of vulnerability right at the start of our session. There has been a lot of stress in my life related to my recent move to Mexico and difficulties I experienced trying to find a peaceful place to stay.  I felt safe and supported in going deep.

 Lisa introduced me to some concepts in conscious consent work. I felt that the word ‘consent’ itself held a strong emotional charge for me. I love animals very much and I got flooded by all the examples of unconscious treatment of animals I recently witnessed. My relationship with my mother came up as well. 

Lisa was extremely thoughtful throughout the session. She constantly checked in with me and offered different options on how to proceed at various junction points. This was important and very profound for me – I am the kind of person who tends to override feelings and reactions in order to please.  It felt amazing to be asked what I wanted and to be offered a choice. 

During the breathwork session I felt peace and relaxation, a beautiful respite from spending too much time in the analytical mind. I was also able to release some blockages in my chest and in my throat. Towards the end I had a little cry and it made me feel even better. I absolutely recommend working with Lisa. She is very experienced, intuitive and kind. 

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