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We often think of orgasm as something pleasurable that happens in the body, normally in our genitals. Yes we can make peak orgasms happen but if we are looking to move into states of expansion and seeing this as a spiritual path back home to ourselves we need to unlock the key to our heart.

It doesn’t matter how much we focus on preparing our body for orgasm, if we’re not addressing our hearts and the relationships we have with ourselves, the body will remain stuck in old patterns!

Our bodies do have all the answers we need but most often we don’t want to hear them or don’t know how to. We may want to fix, change etc what is there to “make” us feel better. When doing that we are listening to our old beliefs and patterns around not being enough most likely passed down from our parents.

When coming from our hearts the approach is different. 

We are parenting ourselves in a way that is kind, supportive and nourishing. 

We meet ourselves exactly where we are without wanting to change anything.

We allow ourselves to feel any emotions that may arise. 

We hold the space for ourselves or ask for support from others. 

We notice all the judgments and voices that are constantly in our head and give them the love and support they need.

We question our beliefs and ask if they are actually true. 

We connect with people we feel safe with. 

We notice who and what we are attracting into our lives and recognise that is a reflection of what is going on inside our us. 

Instead of imagining what is going on for others we become curious and enquire. 

We are clear about our desires and limitations. 

We start to experience that love is inside us and not outside. 

We feel connected to something larger than ourselves.

We realise that the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves.

We stop abandoning ourselves and make what we feel a priority. 

Join me on this journey home.