I approached Lisa because I have known her for many years and was aware that she has trained in tantric healing. She is the most sincere, honest and genuine person I have ever met. She has been involved with alternative healing for the past 25 years. Lisa is friendly and trustworthy and I have total faith in her abilities as a healer. Lisa is confident and very professional. The treatment room is warm, relaxing and immaculately clean and newly decorated. All of the equipment is of a high professional standard. Lisa helped me with issues I have had probably all my life, with self-confidence and the inability to relax and share my deepest anxieties. My insecurity has led to frustration which manifested itself in aggressive verbal confrontations with family, friends and even total strangers. I had an inability to say “no”, which created an oppressive workload. The results of my treatment have been fantastic. I feel liberated and energised. My family and friends have commented on the fact that I have a sparkle in my eye once more and that to be honest I am no longer a Jeckle and Hyde character. I found the experience uplifting and left with a new outlook on life. I cannot recommend Lisa more highly, she has changed my life.

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