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Say this question out loud: Is life happening FOR me or TO me? Take some deep breaths into your body give your self some space and notice ……..… What feels true for you? 

For me life definitely used to happen to me. It was tough in many ways even though I was not even aware. I was very much living from my unconscious beliefs and I was often occupying myself with the I am not good enough belief. I spent a lot of energy trying to find ways to make myself feel good enough. Working hard, getting a high education, being loving and kind to others, starving myself, working hard at they gym, buying lots of things that would make me look better and the list goes on. No matter what I “did” it still didn’t make me feel enough.

Then I slowly started to awake and was able to notice the patterns of my ego. Instead of being them I could take a step back and see them. My journey took me to being able to love, accept and hold them rather than trying to wrong them and push them away. They are all parts of little Lisa who is struggling and looking for love and acceptance. Next my soul came through and I now know that everything is happening for me not to me. All the experiences I have gone through was precisely what I needed to get me here today writing this blog. I am not here to live a life of pure bliss and ecstasy (maybe another time!!).  

I know that everything that is happening in my life is guiding me and then I forget!! I am constantly forgetting thinking that I want this and that, getting caught up in old patterns and beliefs. And then I remember again. My breath, body and my feelings always bring me back to the truth of who I am. Having space and time to drop into myself and notice the messages that are coming though to me. Lyrics from music is a way spirit speaks to me very clearly. Nature also supports me very much and moving to the sea has a real feeling of coming home to me. Interactions with other people are also an enormous teaching for me about myself. 

Living a life of bliss is not the same as a life of happiness. Living a life of bliss is knowing and surrendering to your souls journey. 

If you need support connecting to your soul and the journey that you are here to embody in this life get in touch.