I have had an interest in Tantra for quite some time; however, I had yet to have an opportunity to experience this type of bodywork for myself. What was usually on offer didn’t quite feel like what I was looking for, I felt I wanted connection, relaxation, healing and often it just looked like a service. I booked with Lisa and was pleasantly suprised when I received a personal discovery questionnaire (optional) as part of the preperation for coming to the session. This meant that even before arrival I had already spent some time looking into myself and seen some of the common patterns and beliefs that were presenting for me, it also confirmed my thoughts that Lisa is genuinely interested in the growth and well being of her clients and those she interacts with. 

On arrival we sat and talked about what to expect and I was encouraged to take an active role and ask honest questions to myself about my thoughts, beliefs, needs and boundaries. A dedicated professional Lisa really wanted to ensure that I received not just relaxation and pleasure but also some deeper meaning and understanding. 

Located in a clean and cosy wooden cottage, Lisa created a safe space to allow me to feel comfortable, drop my inhibitions, switch of the skeptic and relax into the treatment. My sense is that this is not a “one-size fits all” sort of therapy and it was evident that Lisa felt into the session and tailored it to my needs. 

I can truly say that I was able to totally let go and release some of the blocks that I’ve been carrying for many years. This was a very powerful and healing experience for me, I have never felt anything either physically or energetically like this before and I felt lighter, open and more positive about life as a result. I’m sure that there is much more work to do, however, I can’t thank Lisa enough for holding the space and guiding me through this first step in the journey. 

I truly respect her bravery; passion and honesty in living her truth and showing people a way to living theirs.

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