I originally met Lisa through chance. After two years of a downward spiral, I had hit rock bottom. It seemed like an endless chain of trauma and rejection. I felt completely lost. Numb in all senses of the word, completely disconnected from myself, my relationships and the universe around me. Truly at a loss for purpose and direction. I was so nervous initially, but I needn’t have been apprehensive. What I found in her was something I hadn’t been able to find in countless therapy sessions, medication and pretending to be something I wasn’t. She continues to be a safe space to be vulnerable. Non judgemental, unassuming. unconditional love I didn’t even realise I was craving and a true friendship I didn’t know I was looking for. She allowed me to realise I was allowed to ask for what I wanted, that my worth didn’t rely on what I did for others but what I allowed for myself. It seems odd that at 24 years old this would be foreign, but we are rarely taught its ok to serve yourself first. She has encouraged me to speak my truth and be the most genuine version of me. To do the things that make me happy and embrace what I feel. Everyone will always have work to do in their spiritual journey, but I am eternally grateful to her for allowing her to start mine and will forever appreciate her coming into my life.

Lots of love

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