I wanted to say thank you to Lisa for the course The Art of Touch and Choice that I attended. She created a warm and welcoming space. I felt that the course content was delivered so gently, we hardly felt like we were learning at all. It felt more relaxing and sharing space together and yet we ended up in a very different place to where we started.

Over the six weeks we learnt to connect to our hands, listen to ourselves, find our edges and boundaries. I feel that for the first time I was able to express my authentic yes and no. For that to be welcomed was very empowering. The process of learning to ask for my needs to be met I found challenging but in that safe space became the most life enhancing practice.

Since the course ended, the work we did has had a profound effect on my life. I spend much more time feeling into what’s right for me rather than people pleasing and I’m starting to create stronger boundaries. My attitude towards past events has changed so that when I look back now, I have a much clearer sense of where myself and others haven’t honoured my embodied yes and no. This is helping me to practice giving myself the space and permission that what’s right for me is what I act upon.

Thank you again Lisa. The six weeks was just the start but this course has already changed my life.

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