Lisa’s genuine compassion, friendliness and open hearted attitude put me at ease right from the beginning. I have my own issues of anxiety and personal blocks with intimacy that I felt able to safely explore with her. I felt truly cared for and I experienced a level of attention and empathy that benefited me to a deep level. I personally experienced a whole range of emotions that included laughter, vulnerability, heart connection and contemplative moments that I embraced and felt important to realise and experience. I also felt Lisa was extremely proficient with her bodywork technique and professional yet relaxed throughout. She encouraged me to give any feedback were necessary. She created a safe, comfortable environment and she continued to hold the space confidently throughout. On a personal level I found Lisa to be a focused, good humoured and an extremely caring and sensitive person with great strength of character and I felt very relaxed and inspired in her company. I could also clearly feel that she is dedicated to her work and has a personal commitment to helping others. Lisa offers a wonderful experience in healing and care that I can only highly recommend.

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