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The Art of Touch and Choice

Foundations of Enhanced Pleasure

You are invited to join an exploration into a system of engagement which guides you to engage with yourself and others on a richer, deeper level.

Practising the engagement system brings you into connection with your feelings and the sensations derived from your sense of touch in a transformative way.

It provides a neurological upgrade of your cognitive and emotional intelligence, somatic capacity, ability to feel and be authentically you. This practice is both personal and collective, both scientific and spiritual. It allows you to become present and attentive in a deeper way than ever before. Somatic Consent guides you to consciously connect to yourself, others, and the world you live in. This is truly life changing work.

The Human Need for Intimacy

As human beings, we all need intimacy. We all want meaningful connection with those that are dear to us. But how many of us are actually keeping ourselves from this because of our conditioned ways of relating?

Shadows and Programmed Beliefs

We all developed unconscious survival strategies in order to feel accepted.

Most of us have the neurological patterning that, “I do something to make you feel happy, so that you’ll love me and I’ll belong”. We’ve been conditioned to believe we’re better people if our actions focus on giving for the sake of others—and that receiving through our own action is connected to selfishness, violation, abuse or other shadow behaviour.

But what if we’re also allowed to go into action for our own benefit—to receive pleasure—and that this isn’t at all selfish but greatly adds to the benefit of all involved?

Communication – The Pathway to Freedom

Somatic Consent offers engagement and communication tools to break old patterns, and learn how to respond to the world around in authentic ways. It helps you to establish the organic balance between desire and boundaries. You learn how to ask for what you really want, and how to go into an authentic action for your own benefit while respecting the limits of others.

The core embodiment of Somatic Consent is making empowered choices and communicating consent.

These foundational teachings will guide you into the base of Somatic Consent, where the main focus will be to activate your hands, improve the quality of your touch, explore consensual touch, and learn how to separate doing from giving and discover deeper layers of receiving. This workshop will teach you how to embody the Somatic Consent Engagement System.

This workshop includes many interactive games and exercises offered to help you learn in an easy, playful, and conscious way. These exercises can then be taken outside of the course structure and applied in your personal or professional life. No prior experience is necessary for this workshop. Both beginners and professionals are welcome, as we can always find new levels of awareness.

What you will learn

  • The difference between giving and receiving, in relation to who is doing the action
  • How to activate your somatic inflow
  • To gain access to and give permission for your own physical joy and pleasure, and learn the ability to take action towards the experience of these states
  • Radical self-ownership and self-responsibility
  • The structure of the Somatic Consent Engagement System, and how to use it in daily life
  • How to enhance all relationships, stop bypassing yourself, and communicate with more awareness and personal responsibility
  • To be present with and communicate vulnerable feelings
  • Follow a step-by-step process for waking up the hands and playing the 3-minute game
  • To stop relating in old survival strategies like manipulations and shadow games, and how to enhance your capacity for authentic connection with friends, partners, lovers, family and colleagues.

Participating in this training is creating the foundational groundwork for an empowering journey into yourself and your personal integrity. It helps you to remember that your pleasure is your birthright. This training invites a new paradigm in personal choice and ways of authentic relating that will keep deepening as you practice your embodiment of it. As we learn to take radical responsibility for ourselves and what we take action to create in our lives and our relationships, then we can also remember we can have choice in and impact in what we choose to participate in, what we choose to go along with, and what we choose to create in the world at large. This is essential during the current times we are living in!

In person training Dates 

10th and 11th June 2023 10am-6pm. 

This workshop also includes an optional ConsentLab Friday the 3rd of March 2023 7-10pm. 

Price £250

Venue: Sunshine International Arts, 209A Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8RU.

Co-facilitated by Lisa Grezo and Teertha –

NOTE: We have policy for not turning anyone away for financial reasons. Please contact us to discuss concessions/payment plans/flexible payment options and to book the event.

You can contact either of us via our websites for more information, book and pay a deposit or pay the full price via the link in this event. 


What some previous participants have to say after participating in this training with Teertha and/or Lisa:

John, Limerick:
“lf anyone is in any doubt about the transformative power of the somatic consent workshop I would be more than happy to recount my own experience and proffer my most enthusiastic and heartfelt recommendation.

This course really helped me to tune in to my core ‘truths’ at a profound level. I attended with my wife, Natalie, and we made great leaps and bounds towards gaining a far better understanding of both our own and each others needs and truths and we left having cultivated an even stronger bond between us. Our mindfulness and self awareness has certainly been enhanced by our time with Teertha.

I also gained an insight which I wasn’t expecting – through the process of silent inner reflection, listening to my body and feeling somatically, I was presented with the realisation that I was deeply disillusioned with my current employers who were a source of great stress and suffering in my professional life which also impacted my personal life, leaving me downcast and wretched.

After that weekend I realised instinctively that I had to implement change. The workshop facilitated this and I found that it helped generate what became a revalatory inner dialogue.

I have subsequently resigned and while that has generated some uncertainty over the future I nevertheless feel and ‘know’ deep within myself that I made the right choice without any shadow of doubt or regret. The experience was instrumental in helping me to clarify my life’s priorities and act accordingly. In alignment with myself. Moving forward with courage, humility and love.

I also made the conscious decision to never again allow myself to submit to the will of anyone who would attempt to separate me from my own sovereign, immutable truths and to empower myself to similarly renounce any self-abandoning modes of being; to be still, to be self aware and to be conscious of my needs.

In my opinion Teertha embodies an archetype of self-empowerment and profound integrity.
She radiates a glowing warmth which is permeated with grace, compassion and a disposition of deep truthfulness- the truth associated with knowing and accepting oneself and being true to oneself. And she brings that out in the people with whom she interacts so effusively that the result is a convivial atmosphere which is amiable, engaging and magical.
But at the same time she is also in possession of a luminous and inspiring ferocity of spirit which, I believe, can only be marshalled through the valiant surpassing of great adversity and personal limitation. She is, as the saying goes, the real deal.

This is all pleasantly tempered by a cheerful, magnetic and easy going communication style which facilitates open discussion and creates a convivial framework for growth and inner understanding.

So for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of themselves and make positive steps forward, I encourage you to attend one of the workshops. I found it to be truly uplifting, enlightening and indeed life-changing. If you enter with an open mind and heart, determined to listen and to discover your own inner truth, you will be most richly and generously rewarded.
Thank you Teertha”.


Rebecca, Cork:
“I have been on a healing journey for the past 10 years and this workshop has definitely been one of the best decisions I have made in my quest to understand myself more, release trauma, learned conditioning, and heal. I was a bit nervous about attending the workshop but was immediately put at ease by Teertha’s presence. She is a beautiful woman and a kind soul who has an innate ability to understand and help others reach their true potential and embody their light.

The principles of the workshop were brought to life in many fun and engaging practices that Teertha seemed to organise on an intuitive level. It made me realise how out of touch I have been in my body over the past while. I felt stimulated and energised as I explored myself and the environment in a way I would have never thought of doing before this beautiful weekend. I felt feelings and sensations that I have not felt for some time but have been longing for. The exercises encouraged me to challenge myself, connect to my desires, and ask for what I truly want. I also learned to truly listen to and respect the boundaries of others without taking it personally or feeling like I was somehow at fault.

This workshop has made me realise how much I have been missing human connection and touch and has been a catalyst for me to invite more fun and love into my life. It has brought my attention to old patterns and worn-out ways of being that are no longer serving me or anyone else. Despite all the education I have received and the books I have read, nothing has topped the learning I have gained from this weekend. It is a teaching that has been ingrained and one that I am sure will stay with me forevermore. I can already see a change in my communication and connection with others, and I am pleased to notice how challenging relationships in my life are beginning to heal. The only thing I regret is that I did not do this sooner so thank you Teertha, and thank you also to all the other beautiful souls who I had the pleasure to meet and work with over the weekend. 10/10!“

Joyce, Dublin:
“I recently took part in a training in Cork with Teertha, the art of consent choice and communication. As always with Teertha, from the word go I felt very comfortable and safe, even though it was a content I felt a bit unsure about at the beginning. But I have to say, it was amazing and so empowering! Teertha is a wonderful teacher and makes the space feel very safe and is always at hand to help and to make sure that everything is explained in a way that when we leave and go home, we can carry the training with us and simply apply the tools into life. With Teertha teaching it, I would not hesitate to recommend this training to everyone I meet. I look forward to going deeper in the future with my amazing teacher Teertha. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Joyce.


Daithi, West Cork:
“Working with Teertha has been some of the most important personal development I’ve done to date and the most beautiful gift I could have ever given myself. Although I recognise I’m a work in progress, I remain on the pathway to becoming the man I want to be and look forward to beginning a new journey with her this May. Le Grá, DaithaÍ”


Jonelle, Cork:
“The somatic consent weekend workshop with Teertha was ostensibly about creating safe space to explore consensual, platonic touch – and it was this. The exercises in touch exploration were playful, challenging, delightful, deep and nourishing. The room was frequently flooded in oxytocin… But, in combination with the theory that was offered and very clearly articulated by Teertha throughout, touch became the playground for exploring and embodying the basic principles of self-responsibility and sovereignty, healthy relating and communicating, connecting with and expressing personal truth, desire and boundaries – and for experiencing each of these as part of the inextricably woven web of being a human in healthy, reciprocal, and pleasurable relationship and community with other humans.

This should be basic life learning from very early childhood, but our culture is so far from this reality. I experienced a deep grief, at the end of the workshop, for the tragedy of this, especially having witnessed throughout the weekend how quickly and profoundly this work sets in for people, when safety is cultivated and the invitation is present.

On top of this grief, I also felt an even deeper relief for having experienced how it might all be possible. I have no doubt that this work has the potential to transform culture.

Teertha is a skilled facilitator. She lives what she teaches, communicates crystal clearly, and cultivates an extraordinarily safe space for the exploration that this work requires. I plan on delving deeper into this work, and would highly recommend this workshop to literally anybody (needless to say!)”.


Ross, UK:
Lisa is a genuine and caring person which makes her an excellent teacher; always going above and beyond to help and to make sure people in her groups and workshops feel safe. She is passionate and enthusiastic about this work. She always listens exactly to what the members need and is there to help first and foremost.

I have found working with Lisa invaluable. It has helped me realise how hard I find it to say “no” and, furthermore, to even know what it is I want. However, thanks to Lisa and her embodiment of the teachings of Somatic Consent, I have a new direction with which I can develop and lead a more satisfying and peaceful life.


Dawn, UK:
Working with Lisa has been so transformational, the consent work especially. Understanding how to work with your body and not to ignore its subtle signs. If it’s not a completed yes it’s a no – has been some of the most profound wisdom and I use it day to day to make decisions.

Thank you Lisa for all your work from the bottom of my heart!


Karen, UK:
I have experienced the work Lisa offers on Somatic Consent both in a workshop setting and one-to-one. She holds a warm, safe and inclusive space whilst supporting and encouraging participants to open to curiosity and exploration.

I would highly recommend working with Lisa. In a gentle and non-judgmental way, she guides participants to listen deeply to their inner voice and connect deeply to their inner knowing in order to find their absolute ‘yes’ or absolute ‘no’.
From day one, I started to apply the principles I had learned in my everyday life. The work has helped myself and my partner to explore what gives us pleasure and to open to greater intimacy with each other. I have also found the teachings beneficial in non-intimate settings i.e. I’m far more able to witness and acknowledge when something feels like a ‘no’ to me when previously I would have over-ridden or invalidated my feelings.


Mark, UK:
After attending Lisa’s workshop I was very impressed with how she was able to guide us in a gentle and loving way to both understand and experience my deeper seated beliefs around connection with myself, others and the world I live in.
I felt engaged, inspired and expanded by the time we finished and can only say that if anyone were to have the chance to work with Lisa and experience her work, they’d be very fortunate.

Thank you for your work and total dedication of assisting people on this journey of self-discovery Lisa!


Other Events

Self Connection and Pleasure Ceremony

For many of us self pleasure equals a certain way we touch ourselves, commonly with some sort of goal. You are not listening to what your body really wants moment to moment and more focussed on what you think you should be doing or experiencing. 

Being stuck in this loop you miss out on a buffet of exquisite experiences available to you in every moment. Most of us have forgot how to access these, but the good news is that your body remembers so you can reconnect. This really changes everything!


Connection, Consent and Choice

This is a part-workshop, part-holiday, part-community experience at Kalikalos community, located in the natural paradise of Greece’s Pelion Peninsula.

‘Simplicity in nature,’ the Kalikalos centre is nestled in a wild chestnut forest surrounded by magnificent nature and just a short drive from beaches with crystal turquoise waters.
With the mountains, sea and lush green landscape around us, nature will support us in dropping more deeply into connection with ourselves.

When we awaken our senses, we awaken our capacity to feel and experience sensuality and life.

Online ConsentLab

What is a ConsentLab?

ConsentLab Online is an experiential play space to practise the dynamics taught in Somatic Consent.

Skills you will learn and practise:

*Communication tools
*Consent skills
*Asking for what you want
*Making clear requests
*Being seen in your desire
*Creating agreements
*Tuning into your authentic ‘Yes’ and ‘No’
*Speaking up for your limits and boundaries
*Meeting new people
*Having lots of fun