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Do you feel tired? Are you suffering from some form of erectile dysfunction? Most of you guys are in a constant state of depletion because you ejaculate too often and eventually it catches up with you. The older you are the longer it takes your body to replenish itself. Under 35 it takes approximately 3 days to recover, if you are over 35 approximately 8 days!  Most men ejaculate much more than that, so it makes sense that once you reach your 40’s and 50’s it is likely that you will be suffering with some form of erectile dysfunction. According to Ancient Taoists the most common reason for erectile dysfunction is excessive ejaculation. The main cure is creating more sexual energy without ejaculation.

Now this does not mean no orgasm guys, it actually means lots of orgasms and much more…..

Most people think orgasm and ejaculation for men are one and same, but ejaculation is a reflex and a function of the sympathetic nervous system, orgasm is a function of the parasympathetic nervous system. You can learn how to separate these and the benefits are amazing! 

Sexual Stamina! 

By practising semen retention you will be able to manage your sexual response and condition your body so that sexual stimulation can last as long as you choose. Women need between 20 and 40 minutes of penetration to experience those mind blowing orgasms. You will have a deeper sense of self-confidence, knowing you can satisfy your partner. 


You are capable of being just as orgasmic as women, but not if you ejaculate! As you know you normally fall asleep after the first ejaculation, even though there are some rare men who can cope with a second or third round. By practising semen retention you can have full, whole body, multiple orgasms, with one rolling continuously into the next. 

Increased Sex Drive!

A Chinese study shows that semen retention increases testosterone levels by a stagering 47.7% after 7 days! Not only will you last longer, you will also be harder and more turned on. As testosterone plays a huge part in building muscle, men practising semen retention and weight lifting report an increase in muscle mass too. 

More Energy! 

We all know that athletes are told not to have sex the day before an important event. It’s not the sex thats the problem, building sexual energy would be a good thing, it’s the ejaculation that causes problems. Every time you ejaculate you are draining your vital life-force energy. Your body gives the best of the best of you to produce a baby. And not just one, you could produce millions every time. No wonder your body shuts down afterwards and needs to replenish itself. Many men are in a state of constant depletion, but you don’t even notice, because that is what you are used to.  

Mental Clarity!

According to Taoist Sexual Master Mantak Chia men that practise semen retention during sexual activity double their brain energy. There is also evidence that men experience enhancement of love and affection for his woman.

All of this being said it is important for men to ejaculate sometimes. Different Tantric experts recommend different frequencies. I recommend a man dividing his age with 5, so a 25 year old needs to ejaculate every 5 days and a 50 year old every 10 days. I also think it is important to acknowledge that every man is different and it’s important for you to work out what is right for you.

During your session semen retention is just one of the subjects I will teach you, you will also get some fun homework. For more information please get in touch with me.