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Did you know that when you awaken, reignite and enhance the relationship with your yoni, you do the same thing in your sexual relationship – with both yourself and your partner (if you have one) ?

Your sexual relationship awakens and goes to a deeper level. That’s what we all want deep down. To have that juicy, heart-opening, mind-blowing relationship with ourselves and our partner that feels deeply fulfilling, sexually satisfying and like it only gets better day by day. It starts with your yoni.

Let’s go right to the source. It’s the most rewarding, deep and pleasurable journey.

It might seem scary, nerve-wracking or like a waste of time, but a woman who awakens her yoni, awakens her life. She awakens the sexual energy that lies dormant in between her legs and her hips, coiled serpent that it is. Sexual energy is fuel for a relationship. It feeds you both. It keeps you connected, deeply in love and able to take your sexual experiences to deeper depths and higher heights. It also opens you up in every area of your life. Connecting with your yoni and opening her up changes everything in your life.

I’ve always thought I was a very “open” person. I’ve been in several longterm relationships and while the sex was wonderful I was only experiencing clitoris orgasms. I had a feeling my body was capable of more pleasure, but no one taught me how. This society does a very good job of keeping sexuality a deep dark secret. Through my healing journey I realised that my yoni was actually closed. She had shut down due to trauma and was fearful of letting anyone totally inside her. Connecting with and awakening her was emotional and painful, however it also started awakening her to all the pleasure that is available. Her opening also helped me in other areas of my life, ALL my wounds started healing. Your sexual energy is the most powerful energy you have and starts the healing process for everything in your life.

When you awaken, enhance, tone, strengthen and OPEN your yoni…you create the same effect in your relationships. You go deeper inside of yourself, which makes it safe for you to invite your partner in deeper. Your partner will be drawn naturally to your sexual magnetism. Your yoni will invite them in, when she’s ready. You’ll feel safe to be all sides of your sexuality with them present. You’ll feel safe enough to orgasm and fully. Let. Go. To surrender.

If you’re struggling in your sex life right now, I understand. But now is time to stop looking outside yourself for the thing that will “fix” it or you, the next sex position, the newest sex toy, the “right”  partner, the hope that he will give you exactly what you need without having to ask for it.

It’s not about them. It’s about you. It’s about your yoni and how you feel about her. How you treat her. How you adore, understand, connect, honour and pleasure her…or not.

It’s about awakening, enhancing and reigniting your own sexual relationship and letting that power, pleasure and orgasmic energy to open you for what you want and need in your partnership and in your life.

When you’re equipped with the tools and techniques designed to bring your body and vagina more pleasure, sensation and lubrication you can expand your potential for pleasure and orgasm into a deep vaginal or whole body experience. Even into your whole entire life, because your sexual energy is that powerful.