I am noticing how angry and sad I am at the way women are sexualised. I went to a party last week and an adult man in his 50’s can’t keep his hands or eyes to himself. I know this is who he is and I know that he does not like me because I am too honest. And I feel distraught that everyone thinks this sort of behaviour is ok! Everyone is playing the oh that’s just …… game ha ha. That’s the way he is, can’t keep his eyes off women’s tits, can’t keep his dick in his pants …….. WTF! His wife couldn’t be present because she had to look after the granddaughter, probably a good thing as I may have said something inappropriate. I know that they are unconsciously playing this game with each other but it really angers and saddens me it is happening and it saddens me that his 2 daughters (1 with her) is aware and playing this game too. I judge that this family really needs a man they can trust.


I’m known by a few names the one I’m now known as is Akasha. I’ve had my own business and own practice in holistic human bodywork for over 40 years, which has taken me all over the world. I’ve trained and studied with some the very best in India, Japan, USA, all over Europe also […]


When I first met with Lisa, I did not know what to expect or if indeed this would be beneficial to me. How wrong I was. There were no expectations, no pressure, no right or wrong. Lisa totally put me at ease and worked with my needs. Lisa provided a warm, safe and a loving […]


I approached Lisa because I have known her for many years and was aware that she has trained in tantric healing. She is the most sincere, honest and genuine person I have ever met. She has been involved with alternative healing for the past 25 years. Lisa is friendly and trustworthy and I have total […]

Rob T

Lisa’s genuine compassion, friendliness and open hearted attitude put me at ease right from the beginning. I have my own issues of anxiety and personal blocks with intimacy that I felt able to safely explore with her. I felt truly cared for and I experienced a level of attention and empathy that benefited me to […]


Lisa was the most compassionate, loving, caring and understanding Healer one could ever wish for. During the two sessions that I’ve had with her, she opened her arms to me and hugged me into my traumas and my emotional blockages, helping me open, unlock and release them, setting me free… Lisa is a True Guardian […]

M Patel

Lisa has been a god send for me , though her unconditional love she has healed me in ways I could not have imagined. She is intuitive, deeply caring, light-hearted and she really knows what she is doing. Through her I have found tremendous courage, confidence and a real Zest for life. Thank you Lisa […]


When I contacted Lisa I was a wee bit hesitant at first but soon realised that Lisa’s sensitivity, wisdom, knowledge and humour allowed me to take the first steps of tantric healing and have never looked back. In her lovely wee cottage I felt totally safe in her space and trusted her with ease. When […]


Having had some prior experience of tantric healing, I wasn’t completely unaware of what to ‘anticipate’ and so didn’t feel I was particularly apprehensive. Even so, any apprehension was soon put at ease. I guess everyone is different but what I hadn’t anticipated is the individuality that Lisa brings to the sessions. I find her […]

Lisa’s expertise lies beyond her warm welcome and ability to make her clients feel safe and comfortable, spoken to in other testimonials. It also lies beyond her open heart, her integrity and her honesty about her own process. Lisa has that rare quality, even amoungst therapists, to honour your suffering, as she does mine, to […]