Instinct or Intuition?

I think it is fair to say that there is a lot moving at the moment and anything that isn’t in alignment with our truth is surfacing. This may show up physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and/or spiritually. What is moving through you right now and how is this an opportunity for you to be more the you that you came here to be?

I can’t even find a word to describe my week, it seems to be beyond them and I suppose it is. Between last Sunday and Monday evening I discovered that the man I had been in a relationship with for the last year had lied to me about everything.

Workshops Participants Greece 2022

“What I’ve learnt in this workshop will change my life.” “Karis and Lisa held a beautiful space with skill and humility. They combined soft kindness and acceptance with a laser sharp commitment to personal boundaries. Thanks so much to both of you, it was so much fun. I learnt a lot that it very applicable […]

Rebecca Hails

I wanted to say thank you to Lisa for the course The Art of Touch and Choice that I attended. She created a warm and welcoming space. I felt that the course content was delivered so gently, we hardly felt like we were learning at all. It felt more relaxing and sharing space together and […]

Tamsin Crimmens, Somatic Coach

I loved practising somatic consent with Lisa. Though it’s a vulnerable topic to explore, I felt at ease and like I had choice in every moment. My main take-aways were that when I slow down I can tap into what I really want, and that it’s safe for me to say yes, no or maybe. […]


Anger, rage, frustration has been arising for me recently and I see how this has shown itself to me in the experiences I’ve had with others. Yesterday I realise that a lady who I knew from where I used to live had killed her husband. This woman was a lollipop lady where my kids went to school. She was shy and quiet and was also the rainbow leader of the group that my youngest went to. When she wanted to retire from this role as a leader I took it on and learnt from her. She was not like most mums in the area, but she is definitely not a murderer. I imagine that the rage within her towards her husband and the abuse that she had had to live with for over 50 years eventually made her kill him. 


Last week I had my first session with Lisa. Lisa offered an intuitive combination of conscious consent  and breathwork. It turned out to be exactly what I needed at that moment. Somehow I went into a very deep place of vulnerability right at the start of our session. There has been a lot of stress […]